A design framework of ambient light sensing surfaces, enabling implicit activity sensing and explicit interactions in a wide range of use cases. OptoSense supports this framework through example applications ranging from object use and indoor traffic detection, to liquid sensing and multitouch input.

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I designed and implemented all user interfaces for the OptoSense project. Our work is published in the paper OptoSense: Towards Ubiquitous Self-Powered Ambient Light Sensing Surfaces. UbiComp 2020. IMWUT Distinguished Paper Award.

Applications and User Interfaces

Door Application User Interface

Fridge Application User Interface

Drawer Application User Interface

Pill Bottle Application User Interface

Beverage Application User Interface

Step Counter Application User Interface

Hover and Touch Demo

Music Application Demo

Design Sketches

Pill Bottle Application UI Design

Fridge Application UI Design

Smart Home Application UI Design

UI Brainstorm

Hover and Multi-Touch Application UI Design

Step Counter and Coffee Application UI Design